US: Memphis, TN – Graceland

I’ve known Elvis through my parents, and the vinyl records we played when I was a child. Unfortunately, he died before I was born, but when my parents talk about him, it’s as if he’s still alive, performing and producing records. Obviously, my parents are big Elvis fans.

So, I thought it’s about time we visit Graceland. Our drive was long, but our excitement sustained us through our 14-hour drive. September 2015 will be a the month I’ve finally stepped into The King’s Graceland.

Front entrance to The King’s home.

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UK: London

We, my parents, Kepi and me, visited London in November of 2015. Kepi and I would prefer to stay away from tours as much as we can when we travel on our own, but this trip is different because my parents, who are in their late 60s, were with us. We had to cater to their needs especially that Mom can’t walk that much anymore, so we planned to explore London by using the Hop-On Hop-Off (HOHO) tour bus. Besides, I think the HOHO bus is a great and less stressful way to see London.

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Ireland: Muckross House

One of the stops we did while visiting Killarney National Park is the Muckross House. The setting of the mansion is gorgeous.  The Shehy Mountain overlooks the stately Victorian mansion, while the Muckross Lake sits and glimmers close by. And if you hike a little further over to see the little islands of Ross and Innisfallen, you’ll get a glimpse of the wider Lough Leane.

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UK: Stonehenge

It was through the pages of my grandfather’s World Book Encyclopedia collection that I was first introduced to the Stonehenge. I told myself that one day, I’ll see this monument in person. I did, twice – in 2009 and 2015.

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