Ireland: Dunguaire Castle

When we were putting together our itinerary for Ireland, castles were on our list, so we decided to visit Dunguaire Castle since it’s on our way to the Burren. We only got to see two castles on this trip – Dunguaire and Blarney.

This castle’s location is perfect – surrounded by water on the shores of Galway Bay.

In my readings, I found out that the castle:

[W]as built in 1520 by the O’Hynes clan on the picturesque shores of Galway Bay. This restored 16th century tower house sits on a rocky outcrop on the shores of Galway Bay. In the early 17th century the castle passed into the hands of the Martyn’s of Galway. Richard Martyn, Mayor of Galway lived here until 1642 and the Martyn’s of Tulira Castle, owned the castle until this century. (Source here)

We visited in early spring and this tree was in full bloom. I think it beautifully framed the castle.
As we walked closer to the castle, rain clouds started to hover. We were able to walk around the castle, but didn’t linger any longer because of the threatening rain.
I noticed these purple flowers growing on the outside of the castle walls. I think they’re beautiful.
This is not part of the castle. It’s an abandoned house in close proximity to the castle. It caught my attention because of all the pretty flowers jutting out from the ruin.

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6 thoughts on “Ireland: Dunguaire Castle

  1. uberrhund

    I have been to Ireland in high Summer but maybe Springtime will be good for another visit. The first flowers in bloom are lovely as are all your photos. Thanks for sharing!


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